Q. What hardware do I need to use OpenSpace?

  • A. Technically all you need is a compatible 360 degree camera and something to mount it on but we recommend for best results that you mount your camera on top of a safety hard hat. To do so you'll need a hard hat, a VHB adhesive pad & metal washer and a camera-specific mount. All of these are available in the store in a number of combinations.

Q. I already have a safety hard hat, do I need to buy one from OpenSpace?

  • A. No! Our mounting kits will allow you to affix a metal washer to an existing hard hat with a VHB adhesive pad. Once this is secured to your hard hat our camera mount utilises a magnet to attach to the metal washer, allowing you to easily attach and detach a camera as needed.

Q. Where on the hard hat should the camera be mounted and which way should the camera be pointing?

  • A. We have a handy article with details on this on our support site here, but in short, the camera should be at the highest point of the hard hat with the lens end of the camera towards the front, one lens pointing to the right and one lens pointing to the left.

Q. I'm planning on sharing a single camera between multiple people to capture my project, do I need a mount for each person?

  • A. No! Our mounts are designed with a magnetic base, partly for safety but also to allow the camera and mount to be easily attached and detached. All you need is one of our metal washer and VHB adhesive pad kits for each person. The pad affixes the washer to the hard hat permanently and as the mount is magnetic, it's easily removed and shared!